Should I Use WordPress For A Business?

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WordPress is the most popular CMS platform due to how customizable and dynamic it is. You should absolutely use WordPress for a business since, chances are, most other business websites are using it as their backend. At a glance, it may not be obvious that a company's website is using WordPress since it can be morphed using advanced themes and plugins. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using WordPress below. You Can Make Any Type Of Website That You Desire Thanks to the tens of thousands of plugins and themes available, WordPress is no longer a platform for simplistic personal blogs. For example, using the Woocommerce plugin will allow a website to process orders and accept payments as an E-commerce store. There are also specialized themes for small businesses like car dealerships, restaurants, plumbers, and other niches. Easy To Use Even a small child can figure out how to make and edit posts within minutes exploring the WordPress dashboard. The built-in editor allows a user to easily add images, links, change the fonts, and add sub-headers. There is absolutely no need to know HTML when formatting a post. WordPress For A Business Is Easily Scalable Your site will be able to grow as your business grows. A small business with a few posts can expand into a fully featured website with thousands of pages without any comprise to its performance. WordPress has such a light footprint when it comes to resource usage so that even a high-traffic website can be handled with modest hardware. WordPress Sites Are Favored By Search Engines WordPress has a simplistic and clean structure that allows crawlers to scan all directories of the site. Stuffing keywords in the meta description, tags, and title allow for easy search engine optimization. Managing Multiple Users Is A Breeze The administrator of the website can add new users easily and modify the privileges that they have to the website. You may add an account as a contributor if you only want to allow them to make new posts without letting them have access to critical settings of the website. You may also add subscribers that can only leave comments or receive notifications of new posts. There are plugins that allow for more specific permissions to be set for each user. Easy Remote Access It is easy to log into the Administration page of a WordPress site. A team member will simply only have to enter their username and password on the WP Admin page to have access. It is fully supported on Desktop computers or mobile devices from any type of Internet connection. Backups Are Easy Backing up a website without any knowledge of PHP, FTP, or MSQL databases can make a recovery a nightmare. Plugins, such as UpdraftPlus, allows you to create backups without even accessing the internals of the server. These plugins may also send automated backups to your Dropbox, Email, or remote FTP server if configured properly. Hopefully the above is convincing enough to show that WordPress can be taken seriously for big or small businesses. Other projects like Drupal or Magento can be used to build powerful sites but they are not newbie friendly like WordPress.

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